Growth Summit: Fraternity/Sorority Leaders Gathering For One Reason

“Let’s invite inter/national fraternity sorority leaders to gather together and find ways to collaborate, innovate, and accelerate the spreading of Greek Life.”

This is the idea of GROWTH SUMMIT 2014,(click to learn more and register) which is scheduled to take place June 30th at IUPUI’s campus in Indianapolis.

We’ve had a high number of registrations already, and more to come as people are learning that Nicki Meneley, the Executive Director of the NPC and  Will Foran, the VP of University Relations for the NIC will be helping to lead the morning session.

“Gather your horses, and get to work,” is a sentiment shared in our books and trainings. Invite people who care, people who are willing to work, people who make things happen, to get together and commit to action that gets results. Growth Summit is how that happens on an inter/national level.

The event will be a cooperative discussion involving seasoned growth-focused fraternity/sorority professionals, and will tackle relevant trends, best practices, and collaborative approaches to growing the fraternal movement.

Andy Bremer, Delta Sigma Phi’s seasoned Assistand Director of Fraternity Recruitment and Development said this about his past experience at Growth Summit and the related headquarters staff training, “I have been able to attend 4 growth summits since I started working in the the field of Expansion.  My first time attending as a new staff member was very memorable as it was my first introduction to the world of Fraternity expansion and Dynamic Recruitment at a truly High Level.  The process education, professional development and personal growth as a result of my time there was critical in my initial development as a recruitment professional and fraternity leader.  I gained a better confidence in the work I would be doing and that I would be able to meet  the recruitment goals and metrics expected of me by my organization.  Four years later I still take a lot away from my time at Growth Summit, not only do I get to refocus on the lessons and knowledge that I can sometimes overlook.  It allows me to identify opportunities to take our practices to the next level and raise the bar when it comes to our expansion practices. ”


2014 Growth Summit & Fraternity Expansion/Recruitment Staff Training

2014 Summer Sorority Consultant Training