10 Questions For Real Recruitment Results (Quantity & Quality)

by Josh Orendi

OrendiSign If there was an easy, effective way to dramatically improve your recruitment results … would you want to know?  Of course you would!

All you have to do is remember that every person you’re talking to represents dozens of future connections.  Every conversation is a gateway to dozens more.  If you’ll ask the right questions, nearly every person you talk to can lead you to high quality, non-Greek men/women.  Here are some of my favorites:

    Who’s the sharpest student you know?
    If you had something incredibly important to get done that you couldn’t do yourself, who would you ask?
    If the school gave a scholarship for knowing the most people on campus, who deserves the money?
    When I say "gentleman" or "classy woman" who comes to mind?
    Do you have a roommate?
    Who do you know that seems to have a special leadership gift that others want to follow them?
    Who comes to mind as the best example of "work hard and play hard?"
    If I wanted to meet the best and brightest students/freshmen on campus, who are 2 people I’d have to meet?
    Who’s the best example on campus of student people listen to when they talk?
    Who are the 2-3 most impressive guys/women on campus?

    These are the questions I ask students, Greeks, non-Greeks, first-year students, parents, student government, faculty, police, dining hall staff, RA’s, community leaders, priests, admissions staff, coaches, and even the people going through Formal Rush.  That’s right, every person is a connection to more high-quality students … if you ask the right questions more often.