Dynamic Recruitment… Sorority Style!

by Jessica Gendron

It's an exciting time for the Phired Up Women's Division. We have experienced great success since the release of our women's book, I Heart Recruitment, in early May. We are receiving rave reviews from undergraduate sorority women, campus professionals, and Inter/National sorority officers and headquarters professionals alike. They love the ideas in the book, but especially that it's easy to read and understand. There are practical examples and resources in every section of the book that the undergraduate women love!

Likewise, our Dynamic Recruitment Training for Women has taken off quickly with great success. Since February of 2007 we have done over 20 women's training programs at campuses all over the country. The Dynamic Recruitment Training for Women is centered upon the ideas in I Heart Recruitment and our Dynamic Recruitment model. 

A typical one-day program takes between 5 and 7 hours broken down into three parts. The first part, our main session, is a brief overview of our main concepts for the entire sorority community in a fun, high energy environment. The second and third parts are designed for a smaller group of around 50 women (equal representation from each group). In the second part, the women go through Intensive Skills Training. We go in-depth into the concepts from the book, the Dynamic Recruitment model, and teach them the skills and the process necessary to recruit a higher quantity of higher quality women. The third part is the Action Planning session. Sorority chapters will spend time in a guided action planning activity to develop their own plan toward Dynamic Recruitment.

In the second and third sessions we provide workbooks for to up to 50 participants and a large fold-out Action Planning template for each chapter.

We are really enjoying seeing how well the women are responding to our curriculum and general message. The portions of the curriculum that have been particularly exciting to our audiences this fall have been *Features vs. Benefits, *Quantity Drives Quality, *Quality Response Guide, *Five Shopping Secrets, *Static vs. Dynamic Recruitment, *Small Normal Friend Activities, *Five Fab Ways to Master a Conversation, and of course, *S.P.A.M. 

It's an exciting time for women's recruitment. A revolution is beginning.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Phired Up releases Dynamic Recruitment: Women's Workbook (and a new look for the Dynamic Recruitment: Men's Workbook)


Sorority Invitation Script (to small/normal friend activities)

by Jessica Gendron 

So, you want to invite someone to do a Small/Normal Friend Activity with you. You get on your email and start typing"and then erasing"then typing"and erasing"then you sit there frustrated not knowing what to say. You might concoct some sorry excuse for an invitation and you may come up with something that you think is fabulous.

Below you will find an actual email correspondence between a sorority recruitment chair and myself. She asked me to take a look at the email she drafted to some potential members inviting them to a small activity.

Here was her original script:

Subject Line: An Invitation from ABG
Hey Jessica!

How are you? (Try to insert some personal comment here about class, friends, etc. or make some connection about the way you know her.)

I'm mainly writing because my sorority, Alpha Beta Gamma, is looking to initiate a few new members before the end of the quarter. I was talking with a few of my sisters about women who might be interested in joining a sorority, and I thought of you. I think ABG has a lot to offer you and you, in turn, have a lot to offer ABG!

Would you be interesting in joining a sorority and learning more about Alpha Beta Gamma? I think it's definitely worth your time to at least consider this, and would love to get coffee with you and a couple other Alpha Beta Gammas to introduce you to some of my sisters and see if you think ABG would be a good fit for you.

Let me know if you're interested or if you have any questions!

Hope to see you soon,

Now, you might be thinking that this email is good. Well, it's a good start. Here was my reply to her email:

The important thing to remember is that you want to make it sound like this is an awesome opportunity for her and YOU are doing HER a favor by presenting it to her. The previous email was a little pathetic sounding ‐ a little like begging. Remember, ABG is a great organization and you have a lot to offer. It's not a bad thing that you GET to recruit before formal recruitment! You get to be HIGHLY selective in the process and you should feel like it's an opportunity of a lifetime for these potential members, not the other way around.

Also remember that recruitment is about making friends and building relationships, not convincing potential members to join. The environment will be less threatening and more fun if you take that mindset to the encounter. Make sure that your members are prepared to talk about benefits of membership and work with excuses. Hang out for a while with the women, chat, get to know each other. They will either bring up ABG (remember, they already know you are Greek) or you can bring it up towards the end. If one of your members do bring it up, start by asking, “So, what do you know about sororities?”. Wait for her to respond. If you need to spend some time dispelling rumors or stereotypes, do that. Then you might ask questions like:

* “What type of things are you interested in learning about in reference to ABG/sororities?”
* “Have you ever thought about joining a sorority before? Why or Why not?”
* “What has stopped you from joining a sorority here?”
* “What do you want to get out of your college experience?”
* “What sort of things interest you about sororities?”

Those questions will open up the conversation for you to respond with the benefits of membership ABG and/or the Quality Responses to concerns/excuses. Remember, you want to listen to her needs, her concerns, and what she wants from these experiences and then respond appropriately.

It's not about bribing her to join ‐ it's about opening her eyes to her un-realized opportunity. She's partially interested if she agreed to hang out, so all you have to do is have fun and MAKE A FRIEND! That's the easy stuff!

Here was Samantha's final email:

Subject Line: Let's hang out!

Hey Jessica!

How are you? (Try to insert some personal comment here about class, friends, etc. or make some connection about the way you know her.)

As you probably already know, I am a member of Alpha Beta Gamma Sorority. Our chapter has been presented with an opportunity this year where we have the ability to take a small class of highly qualified women in the fall prior to formal sorority recruitment. I was talking with a few of my friends about women who might be qualified to join our sorority, and I thought of you. I think you have a lot to offer Alpha Beta Gamma and, in turn, ABG has a lot to offer you!

I would love to get coffee with you this week to talk to you about this awesome opportunity to get involved and make some friends, too!

Additionally, I would like to give you the opportunity to meet a couple of my friends who are also Alpha Beta Gammas. (Suggest a date, time range, and location). Why don't you grab your roommate or one of your close friends to come along that way you know someone and we can hang out for a little while over coffee. I can pick you up at (suggested date and time) if that works for you.

Here is my phone number (insert phone number) in case you need to get a hold of me!

Talk to you soon,

Do you see the difference? Remember, you are a great organization, people want to be a part of it. You don't need to BEG people to join, just make them your friend and open their eyes to a new opportunity!

New Recruitment Resource: The Names Game

Phired Up Productions is proud to announce the release of its latest Dynamic Recruitment resource on November 5, 2007: The Names Game – A Dynamic Recruitment Challenge for Fraternities. 

The Names Game is a pocket-sized Dynamic Recruitment resource for fraternities from the recrutiment experts at Phired Up Productions. If you've read the book, Good Guys, or if you've experienced Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Workshop, The Names Game is the next step to the fraternity of your dreams. Use this resource to build your prospective member list — and do it as the ultimate brotherhood game! Make sure all the Dynamic Recruiters in your chapter have a copy. 

The Names Game is available by clicking here for $11.95.

Below are some notes about this exciting new resource from Matt Mattson and Josh Orendi — creators of The Names Game

As we've toured around the country delivering training and revolutionizing the fraternity world through Dynamic Recruitment for the past several years, we've realized the need for a practical tool that can help fraternity men experience immediate results.

For those that have experienced or read about Dynamic Recruitment, you know the importance of building your names list to as big as it can be… After all, Quantity Drives Quality, right? Well, we have been working on making the most important part of Dynamic Recruitment (filling your names list)… FUN! Yes, fun! It can and should be fun to network with prospective members on campus, and The Names Game is one way to turn recruitment work into recruitment fun!

So, what is The Names Game? It is a pocket-sized “Cliff's Notes” for recruitment skills. It is a personalized names list. It is a challenge. It is a teaching tool. It is a scavenger hunt. It is a game. It is a tangible resource you can hold in your hand that can serve as the secret key to opening your chapter's recruitment potential.

You can see a preview of The Names Game here. The pocket-sized book contains recruitment tips, specific challenges for meeting and getting to know new prospective members, and over 500 spaces to record key information about prospective members.

Our vision for The Names Game is for chapters to share a copy with each of their “horses,” and the horses of the chapter will push each other to see who among them can meet the most prospective members (then they’ll record their contact information in the book). Chapters can create competitions, Inter/National Headquarters can sponsor worldwide Names Game championships, and most importantly, fraternities can grow exponentially because of the sheer number of potential members that the game can generate.

We hear people all the time asking, “I love the idea of Dynamic Recruitment, but where do I start?” The answer is with The Names Game. Imagine if your chapter got 5 of your most motivated members to push each other to fill up their personal copy of The Names Game with 500 names of new prospective members. Each participant would take each of these challenges:

  • The Personal Referral Challenge
  • The In The Residence Halls Challenge
  • The At The Gym Challenge
  • The In The Library Challenge
  • The In Your Classes Challenge
  • The At Athletic Events Challenge
  • The Referral Sources Challenge
  • The Social Gatherings Challenge
  • The Other Organizations Challenge
  • The 15 Minutes On The Quad Challenge
  • The 5 For 5 Challenge
  • The Formal Recruitment Challenge
  • The Raffle Challenge
  • The Scouting For Hot Shots Challenge
  • The Social Media Challenge

By following the instructions in the the book, and by accepting those challenges, a chapter would have 500 new prospects generated by only 5 current members — equaling a Names List of 2500 potential members. Have you ever had the opportunity to choose the best new members from among 2500 prospects? Can you imagine the high quality members you could get if you had a CHANCE to recruit from that many potential members?

Of course, the best performers would go beyond the challenges listed in the book, and would continue their Scavenger Hunt for potential members…

Every chapter should have at least 10 copies of The Names Game, and should empower their “horses,” or perhaps every new member, to complete the challenges found within.

Go get ‘em.

Your Weakness Can Attract the Strongest Leaders

by Matt Mattson & Josh Orendi

Are you constantly bragging about how strong your organization is in an effort to impress potential members? Are you claiming that your organization has the… “strongest brotherhood/sisterhood,” “best house,” “most fun,” “best grades,” “most famous members,” “proudest history,” “biggest trophies,” etc.?

While there is definitely some truth in the statement that winners attract winners, there is another, more humble, approach to talking about your organization in a way that might attract new members that are strong leaders.

Your weaknesses can attract the strongest leaders.

That's right. Talking about your organization's weaknesses can be an effective way to attract your campus's strongest leaders. Your organization does have weaknesses, doesn't it? Yes… yes it does.

So, what do we mean by this? Well, imagine this scenario. You're a confident, intelligent, leadership-oriented person on your campus who is looking for a way to make them most out of their college experience. I'm a member of a student organization (like a fraternity, sorority, or club of some sort). We meet on campus and build a good relationship, then I decide to pitch my organization to you in hopes that you’ll join… Which pitch are you most attracted to?

Pitch #1

“As you know, I'm a member of Alpha Beta Gamma Fraternity. We're known around here as the best chapter on campus. We have a chapter GPA of 3.3, we have 75 solid members, and we have the tightest brotherhood on campus. You've probably seen our house, it's the 3 million dollar mansion on the hill — the one with the Ligers guarding the front door. We only take the best leaders on campus into our organization, and we're hoping you’ll be one of us. We have tons of fun, check out these pictures of us from the last year. We've won homecoming for the past 6 years, and we have a 4 year dynasty with the best intramural waterpolo team on campus. Would you like to be a member of our group of champions?”

Pitch #2

“As you know, I'm a member of Alpha Beta Gamma Fraternity. I know you're not a member of a fraternity, and I'm guessing there is a reason for that. The truth is that I think fraternities around here could use some improvement. Our chapter is a good group of men, and I'm proud of who we are and what we stand for, but we could use some improvement too. I’d like to see us grow a little bigger, I’d like to see us do more meaningful community service, I’d like to see us involve our members' parents a little more, and I’d like to see us have a better relationship with the university administration. Funny… when I think of that stuff, those are all things that I think you could really help us with. The truth is that I’d like to find some real leaders on this campus, like you, that could lead the re-building of our chapter. Would you be interested in envisioning what our organization could be, and then maybe talking about how you could take the lead in making that a reality?”

Do you have a new organization on your campus? We used to work exclusively with new fraternities (colonies or interest groups) on campuses all over the country, and what we learned is that most often, these brand new groups attracted the best leaders on campus… Why? Because they could CREATE something new. They could truly lead, and not just follow the lead of older or past members. You don't have to be a new organization to offer the opportunity for creation to potential members.

Consider how the two “pitches” above differ. Pitch #1 is focused on talking about how great you are, while Pitch #2 is focused on talking about how the potential member could create a great organization. The funny thing is that both “pitches” above could be about the SAME chapter. You don't have to be struggling or new to pitch the possibility of creation to a potential member. You just have to be humble and willing to allow your new members to maximize their creativity and leadership potential.

So, don't be afraid to let your weaknesses show… use them to attract the strongest leaders on your campus.