The System Works…


by Matt Mattson 

The system works… if you work the system.

I just got a note on Facebook from a chapter leader at the University of Miami in Florida that absolutely made my day. And it proved that the system works, no matter the circumstances, if you work the system

The system I'm talking about, of course, is Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment System. Whether you learned it by reading Good Guys or I Heart Recruitment, or you learned it through one of Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Workshops, simply learning it doesn't do you much good… you have to DO IT!

So, this chapter at UMiami as a group of 9 guys. After some intense training and hard introspection, the chapter grew to 25 men in one semester! Plus, they found a way to consistently drive a high quantity of POTENTIAL MEMBERS to chapter so they could choose from among more men which gives them higher QUALITY members as well. 

Now that's a success story (for other success stories, click here).

But it wouldn't be a success story if they hadn't worked the system. The truth is that getting the recruitment results you want (and subsequently the organizational performance you dream of) comes from some hard work on your part. Because so many people are now learning about Dynamic Recruitment through our training and publications, I thought I’d offer a quick TO DO list for those first days after you've learned the principles. 

If these suggestions confuse you, check out one of our books for more info.

Immediate TO DO List for Dynamic Recruitment Results

  • Gather Your Horses. Start by gathering your horses. Start a “Round Table.” Stop wasting your time on the mules in the chapter and ride the strength of your thoroughbreds.
  • Write It Down. What's your chapter's plan? How will you use the 6 Cylinders (men) / 5 Secrets (women) to grow your list? Who will do what by when? Write the plan down or you've got nothing.
  • Fill Up Your List. Remember, you can't recruit who you don't know. Start by gathering as many NAMES as possible. Don't just rely on rush to do this for you. Don't forget about referrals, summer recruitment, membership drives, marketing for names, and member positioning.
  • Be Normal. Once you get some names, don't scare them away with your bizarre “Greek” traditions. O.K., they may not be bizarre to us as Greeks, but they are to the people that matter when it comes to recruitment — non-Greeks. Be normal. Do small activities.
  • Pre-Close. Use the magical tactic that gets 100% bid acceptance.
  • Keep Re-Filling the List. Don't foget to ask the MAGIC QUESTION that can double the size of your names list. Do you remember what it is?
  • Teach the System. You're not just looking for one-time wham, bam, thank-you-ma’am success. You're looking to build a consistent, repeatable system for long-term results. Teach your members the ways of the Dynamic Recruiters. Incorporate into your membership education curriculum.

Probably the most important advice to follow immediately after you've learned about Dynamic Recruitment is… DO SOMETHING. Seriously, just start somewhere. So often people see this new system and get overwhelmed by the possibilities — then they don't know where to start. Doesn't matter. Start somewhere. Pick something you liked and just try it. Start talking about what you've learned with someone. Just get started.

We recently had a post on our Facebook Group, RECRUITMENT IDEAS & SUCCESS STORIES. A member of Alpha Sigma Phi from the University of Toledo who had just experienced a Dynamic Recruitment Workshop noted:

“thanks guys…. i can't even begin to tell you how much i got out of your presentation…..i think you really opened our eyes to so many possibilities…i know my head is just going crazy right now…all my roommates were drinking and i was busy explaining recruitment plans HAHA… good stuff guys…you could really make an impact on the greek system with this…”

Perfect! Just start talking about it and doing the little things… then watch the magic of the system take hold.

The system works if you work the system. 

Go get ‘em!

Fall Recruitment Is Here (random thoughts)!

by Matt Mattson

It has been such a pleasure in recent weeks as we've come back to school with many of you. Phired Up's men's and women's programming has been busy preparing Greeks on campuses all over the country to succeed during this fall's busy recruitment time. We've already visited schools this fall from coast to coast sharing the message of Dynamic Recruitment. Thanks to all of you who have already committed to greatness.

I just finished a great day with the students at Georgia Southern University. Josh Orendi and Jessica Gendron just presented in North Carolina, and Colleen was at another midwest school… ALL TODAY! If you're a regular reader of Phired Up's blog and publications, you should be excited to know that you're a part of a fast growing movement to revolutionize the traditionally static recruitment processes we're used to. Help us keep the movement growing. Help us revolutionize the fraternity/sorority world.

If you're a fan of Dynamic Recruitment, and you've heard these messages before, we hope you’ll do these three things to keep the revolution growing…

1. Share one of our books with someone who hasn't read it, and discuss it with them as they skim through it.

2. Give a short presentation to your chapter members about the importance of first just meeting people. Remember, “you can't recruit who you don't know.”

3. Talk with your campus Greek Life professionals and organization's headquarter's staff members about getting Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment messages out to more of your brothers and sisters.

We also just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you LUCK and SUCCESS, and remind you of the great resources that are out there…

Don't forget about the books on fraternity and sorority recruitment. These are great gifts for your newest members.

Check out again the RECRUITMENT IDEAS & SUCCESS STORIES Facebook group. There are over 1500 dynamically recruitment fraternity and sorority members from all over the country actively engaged in that group.

Here's a new book I'm reading right now that I think fits really well with thinking about innovative ways to do recruitment. Free Prize Inside, by Seth Godin.

Something that I feel like has been a very important part of our curriculum lately has been the Values-Based Selection Process. Check out our free resources page for a sample of that.

You might also be considering bringing Phired Up to your campus. If so, check out these videos of recent programs.

Have a great beginning of the fall, and keep doing the little things to drive a higher quantity of higher quality members into our greater fraternity/sorority community.

Thanks for your hard work!

A Sneak Peak (video) at Dynamic Recruitment Training

by Matt Mattson

Last weekend Josh Orendi and I (Matt Mattson) presented at Tau Kappa Epsilon's national convention/conclave in Las Vegas. While the footage isn't great, we thought many of our readers might like a quick peak at what Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Training looks like.

While you can't really get a full sense of the whole program from this video clip, you’ll see Josh Orendi throughout most of it presenting Part One of our training curriculum, “Recruitment Fundamentals.” This part of our curriculum is delivered to large audiences in 60-120 minute sessions, and provides the four baseline fundamentals of recruitment (interpersonal SKILLS, PRODUCT knowledge, AUDIENCE awareness, and MOTIVATION). At this particular program, we delivered a shortened version of Part One, plus an enhanced experiential learning exercise that you’ll catch a short glimpse of at the end of the clip.

We thank Tau Kappa Epsilon for their wonderful hospitality while we were at their conclave, and for their continuing partnership to revolutionize fraternity recruitment and drive a higher quanity of higher quality values-based men into our organizations. 



Creating Powerful Conversations During Formal Sorority Recruitment

By Jessica Gendron

People don't join organizations. People join people.

A lot of you are probably a little confused and may even be thinking, what does that phrase have to do with creating powerful conversations? A lot actually.

Think back to when you joined you chapter and try to remember the exact reason that you joined. For most you, you aren't thinking about a trophy or philanthropy event. You are thinking about a person, and not just any person, you know the exact name of the person that was the reason you joined. Right? For most of us, that is 100% true. We didn't join because of some trophy the chapter won, or the fraternity they hang out with, or even the service project they do. We joined because of someone we had an awesome conversation with or that made you feel completely comfortable in the uncomfortable environment that is sorority recruitment. We didn't join because it was Alpha Alpha Sorority (the organization), we joined because of Suzie the Alpha Alpha sorority woman (the person).

You might still be thinking, but what does that have to do with powerful conversations??? Well, everything.

Creating powerful conversations during formal sorority recruitment is the way that your members develop relationships with potential members. Conversations that keep them coming back to your chapter day after day and relationships that will eventually lead them to join your chapter. So, you might be thinking, ok, I buy it. But how do you do that in the short amount of time that you have during recruitment events? There are a couple of suggestions that we have for you based on what we know about recruitment.

1. Remember her favorite word. What is her favorite word you might ask? It's her name. Nametag or no nametag, remember her name. You should use it when asking a couple questions and always use it when you are saying goodbye or you see her again. Use your energy to remember her name. I know a lot of you probably meet a lot of women in one day and it's hard to remember everyone's name. Try to find some way to associate their name to something. For instance for a red-headed girl named Ruby, you could remember “Ruby-red”. You get the idea.

2. Control the Conversation. The best way to remain confident in a conversation is to control the conversation. You do that by minimizing the talking and maximizing the listening. The best way to maximize the listening is to ask lots of open-ended questions. Remember to keep the conversation focused on the other person. We already learned what a potential member's favorite word is. You can probably guess then, what her favorite topic is – that's right – herself! Keep the conversation focused on her and she will walk away thinking, Wow, she really wanted to get to know ME. Chances are she will be coming back to your next event.

3. Master the Five Fabulous Ways. The object of the Five Fabulous Ways to Master a Conversation is to provide you with open-ended question topics that build rapport, establish common interest or experiences and focus on them. Here they are:

Family/Friends – Tell me about your family. How do you know Lauren? How is your ResHall floor?
Favorites – What's you favorite book? movie? food? class?
Firsts – How is your first day? week? Are you the first to go to college? first class?
Fun – What do you do for fun? this summer? What groups are in interested in besides sororities?
From – Tell about your hometown? How was high school?
BONUS Way: Future – what are you doing for break? This weekend? what classes are you taking?

    4. Focus on the Benefits. Too many times as sorority women we focus on the FEATURES of sorority life when we are talking about our organizations. Features are the superficial aspects of the sorority, the things that potential members don't really understand. Features are important, but they only become important as you begin to grow within the organization. For example talking about features would be saying, We do a philanthropy event each semester, have sisterhoods once a month, and we won Greek Week this year! Most non-affiliated women don't really understand philanthropy or sisterhoods and they don't care about Greek Week, because they aren't Greek yet. Focusing on the benefits of membership allows potential members to see exactly what they will gain from being a member of your group. Things like sisterhoods are great, but the benefit of sisterhoods is the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with a group of women, and immediate connection to a core group, and a support network away from home. You should understand though that each women is looking to gain something different from the sorority, so the best way to discuss the benefits of your organization is to first ask her what she is looking for in a sorority or why she is going through recruitment. Listen to what she says and respond appropriately.

    All of these things can help you to have more meaningful and powerful conversations during formal sorority recruitment. But like all things, in order to be really good at it and truly successful, you have to PRACTICE. Spend some time with your members practicing these things. Do some role-playing. Identify the BENEFITS of membership in your organization, not the features. Practice controlling the conversation by listening. Bring in outside members to practice your conversation skills on.

    Cool decorations, fancy deserts, and awesome chants may wow the potential members. Being a large well-known national organization may make women want to join your group. But, creating powerful and meaningful conversations during formal recruitment is the one true way you will continue to get potential members to come back to your chapter day after day and eventually join.