15 Do’s and Don’ts of Recruiting High Quality People

How to recruit high quality people into your fraternity or sorority.

  1. Don’t ask them to join, ask them to help you create something greater than what currently exists.
  2. Don’t act like you think they’re the bees knees until they get a bid, then treat them like crap (word gets around to other leaders)
  3. Do high quality stuff. High quality people are attracted to high quality things.
  4. Do admit your group’s shortcomings. High quality people appreciate honesty.
  5. Don’t try to impress them with surface stuff. High quality people are smarter than that.
  6. Do respect their concerns. High quality people are thoughtful and contemplative.
  7. Don’t rush them. Recruit them.
  8. Don’t tell them membership is better/easier/cheaper/more fun than it really is.
  9. Don’t just offer brotherhood/sisterhood. High quality people already have deep friendships, they want something more from an organization like yours.
  10. Do recruit them one-on-one, personally, intimately — lifelong membership in a group like yours is a big deal and they won’t join because their friends are doing it. They’re smart.
  11. Don’t expect them to make your organization the only thing they care about. Their varied interests and involvement make them high quality.
  12. Don’t focus on your parties/drinking/dumb crap. They can probably party, but they get that there is more to college.
  13. Do write their name and contact information down when you meet them for the first time. You can’t recruit who you can’t call, text, or E-mail.
  14. Don’t try to convince them your organization is the If you have to convince them, it probably isn’t. People join people, anyway. Focus on relationships.
  15. Do call them. Invite them to hang out at stuff. They’re not psychic (probably). Also, they won’t respond to mass invitations. They have a lot of stuff they could do, make sure you give them personal attention.

There are more tips to share, but 15 seems about right for now. Good luck!