14 New Year’s Resolutions for Fraternity/Sorority Recruitment

Just for fun, a handful of the Phired Up staff were doing some dreaming yesterday in response to the question, “What New Year’s recruitment resolutions do you hope fraternity/sorority leaders keep in 2014?”

Here’s what our team of experts generated as recommendations for fraternity/sorority chapters across North America. Any that you want to commit to?

  1. Recruitment Resolution: “Make it a point to meet new people in all of our classes and not sit amongst our sisters and brothers.”
  2. Recruitment Resolution: “Stop acting like ‘wearing t-shirts’ is an acceptable recruitment strategy for our chapter.”
  3. Recruitment Resolution: “Focus on connecting with people one-on-one as a form of recruitment, rather than try to entertain them for 30 minutes or so.”
  4. Recruitment Resolution: “Recruit people because they have the skills, desires and drive to improve our chapter… not because of the other BS we normally look for.”
  5. Recruitment Resolution: “Join non-Greek organizations… not just sign up for the meetings and eat the free pizza, but expand our horizons and join organizations where we do not already know people and make friends.”
  6. Recruitment Resolution:  “Let past and present accomplishment/achievement rather than looks determine worth of a candidate for membership. Our chapter will use a Values-Based Selection Process.”
  7. Recruitment Resolution: “Make growth part of our weekly conversations at Chapter meeting.”
  8. Recruitment Resolution: “Be more curious about others who don’t look like me or talk like me.”
  9. Recruitment Resolution: “Listen more than we talk.”
  10. Recruitment Resolution: “Shake more hands. A lot more hands.”
  11. Recruitment Resolution: “Make our own members feel like they matter to us so they don’t want to quit.”
  12. Recruitment Resolution: “Find an alumnus to become our mentor and help hold us accountable.”
  13. Recruitment Resolution: “Update the chapter Names List daily.”
  14. Recruitment Resolution: “Build a written recruitment plan to grow the chapter all year round (and follow it).”